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Sesso : Femminile
Age : 23
Live in : Corea del Sud
Hey I wanna be global friends. We can talk about each other in various languages. Ask me any questions plz. I also have Talk, and ID. Thank yo...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 43
Live in : Giappone
はじめまして 韓流ドラマ k pop 韓国料理…韓国が大好きです 韓国語の勉強も少しだけですがしています でも 1人だと中 進みません どなたか教えていただけませんか もっともっと勉強...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 20
Live in : Turchia
Hi everyone. My name is Asli. I m from Turkey. I live in Istanbul. I m studying international trade so I learn Korean. I am interested in different languages and cultures. I love travelling and listen...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 25
Live in : Corea del Sud
韓国人です 日本人の友達が欲しくて登録しました 韓国に興味がある方は気軽にメール送ってください 音楽 映画 サッカーが好きです日常的な話をしながら仲良くなりたいと思います ...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 24
Live in : Australia
안녕하세요. こんにちは. My name is Rose, I am 24 from Melbourne, Australia. I want to learn Korean and Japanese. Looking for long term friends if you are interested feel free to inbox me so you can get to know ...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 19
Live in : Corea del Sud
안녕하세요. 隼人 하야토 입니다. 98년생 일본인 입니다. 지금 한국의대학에 가고싶어서 서울에 살면서 한국어를 공부 하고 있습니다. 한국인 친구를 많이 만들고 싶으니까 언제든지 연...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 15
Live in : Turchia
Hi my name is irem. I am 16 years old korean age 17. I love kpop. Bts, Exo, Got7, Bigbang, Winner vb .I watch my anime in my free time. And am a volleyball player. I an interested in Korea and Japan....
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