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Sesso : Maschile
Age : 31
Live in : Corea del Sud
こんにちは 私は88年生で ソウルに住んでいます 日本の文化や 言語 歴史など多くのことに関心があります まだ日本語足りないけど頑張って勉強しています とかく話を交わしながら学...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 24
Live in : Corea del Sud
HelloI want to exchange different cultures. My hobby is traveling, so I want to exchange language. おはようございます お互いに違う文化を交流したいです 趣味は旅行なので 言語交流もしたいです 안녕하세요...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 33
Live in : Regno Unito
Hi, こんにちは, 만나서 반가워요, 你好, My name is Jo and I live in the UK. I enjoy reading, going to the gym, making sushi, video games, such as Tekken, Fallout, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy and Dynasty Warriors. I m ...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 18
Live in : Germania
Hello, nice to meet youI am an 18 year old girl from Germany. I like drawing and watching tv shows. I am interested in different cultures and I like to learn new languages like korean or japanese. ple...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 20
Live in : Polonia
HelloMy name is Mateusz and I have 20 years old. I m university student from poland. I study Education and Japanese language at the university. In the future I want to become a Japanese language teach...
Sesso : Maschile
Age : 31
Live in : Corea del Sud
初めまして 今関西で留学しました 今は韓国に戻りました 日本が好きなので ドラマを よく見ます まだ 日本語は 下手だけど 勉強中です 知らないこともいっぱいあるから みんなよろ...
Sesso : Femminile
Age : 29
Live in : Stati Uniti
HelloI would like to snail mail and would like to make friends I hope to become good friends and to be able to learn from each other. I am very interested in Asian Culture, especially Korean Cultur...
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